About us

Flavio and Waltrude. Their children are Johann and Ohanna.

In 2012 they received an invitation to work in Senegal, arriving in May 2013 in the country to start their new journey.

They work with the following projects:

– Kids club in a poor neighborhood in Dakar;
– Scholarship program to assist needy families;
– Educational program in Nguénniène, Senegal;
– Church Planting.

Project for Spain

Spain is a country with more than 45 million inhabitants, the majority of whom are nominal Catholics, about 20% without religion and more than two million Muslims.
With the whole history of persecution of the Gospel, starting with the Roman Empire, and going through the Inquisition and Counter-Reformation and the government of dictator Franco, the evangelical church in Spain was never really expressive, even though it is a neighbor to countries where the Gospel has experienced great growth. Today evangelicals represent about 1% of the population.

They intend to do:

– Church planting in partnership with local churches;
– Evangelism at the University;
– Discipleship of African refugees.

They want to live and work in Spain, also coordinating the work of Senegal, which already has 6 local workers and is experiencing good growth, with three churches and two cells.

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