How can I help?

We are in Brazil right now, taking care of our health and working for our trip to Spain. Below are the areas where you do something about:


  • Regular financial support (Become a supporter)
  • Donation in euros or dollars in kind (useful when traveling)
  • Donation via electronic platforms (TransferWiseWestern Union, Banks, PayPal
  • Financial support for a specific project or worker
  • Airline miles (for use when purchasing tickets)
  • Helping to organize speaking schedule (in churches or small groups)
  • Logistical support for a healthy stay (accommodation, transportation, food)
  • Supporting our children (paying for school fees, gifts, books, comics, etc.)
  • Pay or print graphic material (pamphlets, business cards, fridge magnets)
  • Electronics for workers (computers and / or tablets and / or cell phones)
  • Referrals (it can be your pastor, your church, your parents or anyone who can contribute).
  • Following or advertising our social networks: Facebook / Instagram

Let’s build something together.

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